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Wellness Tours: Inle Lake View Resort and Spa - Myanmar 

Updates: 05/12/2015
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Wellness Tours: Inle Lake View Resort and Spa - Myanmar 


The InleLake View Resort & Spa is the only deluxe boutique Hotel of international standard on the shores of Inle Lake, built on 25 acres of lush land of trees and flowers, ideally located in a picturesque area overlooking the Inle lake. Located on the western edge of the lake, the hotel offers luxury and elegance throughout. The spa center is beautifully designed and able to cater to the most discerning visitor.
Inle Lake overview
The restaurant serves some of the finest wine and cuisine to be found in Myanmar, organic vegetables and salads (Seeds originate from south of France) come directly from the hotel's private garden and cleaned with our purified water system (W.H.O Standard)...
Resort overview
Inle Lake View Resort & Spa is definitely an ideal place for your WELLNESS TOUR around Myanmar!


The Inle Lake View Resort & Spa offers 40 rooms, large and spacious,  all with private balcony and excellent views on to the Lake, tastefully decorated in Burman – Asian style furniture and soft tropical hues.




The Bougainvillaea Restaurant
The Bougainvillaea Restaurant (indoor and outdoor on the verandah) is serving international and Asian food (Shan, Myanmar, Indian, and Chinese).
The restaurant serves some of the finest wine and cuisine to be found in Myanmar, the quality of food and beverage, charming and cosy atmosphere with devoted and wonderful staff, the unique location and style make the Inle Lake View Resort & Spa one of the most popular resort in Myanmar.  

In & Around Inle Lake

Built as a hill retreat in the late 19th and early 20th century by the British, Kalaw is perched 1320 meters high on the western rim of the massive Shan Plateau.

Inle Lake


One of the small villages of Inlay Lake located on the western bank of the lake. A Buddha image has enshrined at a whitewashed stupa, which is on the summit of a hill. Below the stupa around the hill are cluster of hundreds of ancient stupas most are ruins overgrown with bushes. The pagoda hill is quiet and calm. One could feel the pleasant cool breeze with the sweet rings of the bells hanging at the umbrella of the stupa. Mesmerizing view from pagoda hill release the fatigue and refresh everybody who ascend to the peak. This mysterious place is at the end of the marvellous Indein creek, which connected with Inlay Lake just after the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda. The creek is narrow with many twist and turns. Since the both sides are paddy fields you can see the farmers ploughing and harrowing by water buffaloes. 

Indein Pagoda

Pindaya Caves

About 45 km from Kalaw is a small town Pindaya, well known for its extensive limestone caves. The caves are set deep in the hillsides and there stands at the entrance, a 15 meter high Shwe U Min Pagoda. There are some 8000 Buddha images made from alabaster, teak, marble, brick, lacquer and cement. Among the more unusual features in the cave is a set of stalagmites that can be struck with large wooden mallets to produce gong tone.

Overview of Pindaya Caves
The way to Pindaya is scenic since both side of the little tar road are fields of dry cultivated mountain rice, potato and passes through the Pa O, Taung Yo, Danu hill tribes villages. Entering the plateau of Pindaya, the great mountain range appeared to dwarf the city and lake down below. Aged banyan trees lined the beautiful Pindaya Lake, which is the only water source for bathing and cleaning.

Kakku Pagodas

Kakku Pagodas
Cluster of hundreds of ancient pagodas said to be the merit of King Asoka of India. The particular interest is the village life along the road to the Kakku. The small road across a dozen of the pretty Pa-O villages and very green plantations irrigated by stream water.
Let start your WELLNESS TOUR at Inle Lake View Resort & Spa - Myanmar.

According to Inle Lake View Resort & Spa - Myanmar

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